Wuling Almaz Hybrid’s Affordable Price and Various Features

Review of Wuling Almaz Hybrid’s Affordable Price and Various FeaturesReview of Wuling Almaz Hybrid's Affordable Price and Various Features

Wuling Motors (Wuling) introduced the Almaz Hybrid in August 2022, adding electrification products after formally marketing the Wuling Air EV pure electric vehicle.

Almaz Hybrid’s existence is particularly intriguing because it coincides with predictions that the Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix, also known as the Innova hybrid, will be on sale.

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Wuling presented a challenge for this competition right away in the form of a cheap cost for a hybrid vehicle.

Will the Innova hybrid cost less money or at least just as much? Naturally, only time will tell.

If you exclude the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid, which leans more toward the mild hybrid system,

the Almaz Hybrid can be regarded as the hybrid vehicle in Indonesia with the lowest price at IDR 470 million on the road in DKI Jakarta.

Blue accents are used to embellish the Wuling Almaz Hybrid’s exterior

Wuling designed the Almaz Hybrid using the Almaz RS Pro as the basis, which is the highest variant of the petrol version.

Therefore, the body silhouette is still the same, but there are several details that differentiate it.

The most obvious is, of course, the presence of blue accents on the front bumper, which replace the red accents on the petrol version.

Then, if you move to the legs, consumers will also find rims with a new design and a larger size.

The manufacturer has equipped the Almaz Hybrid with 18-inch rims, while the gasoline version uses 17-inch rims.

Because Almaz truly has a good-looking exterior right off the get, the manufacturer’s decision to keep it that way is sensible.

As a sport utility vehicle (SUV), the design has contemporary, angular lines.

As an illustration, this is present in the grille, fog light housing, headlights, and even some of the rear body.

The addition of the luxurious feature of a large panoramic sunroof makes this car’s outside design even more appealing.

Interior presents a warmer feel

The interior also demonstrates the manufacturer’s efforts to distinguish this model from the petrol version.

Even if it just requires painting the upholstery wrapping material a different color.

Almaz Hybrid seats are covered in synthetic leather that is cream in color, or what Wuling refers it as Warm Beige Leather Seats.

Almaz has had a cozy interior from its inception. The bench offers comfortable seating in a convenient location.

The revised meter cluster and transmission lever designs are yet another novel feature of Almaz Hybrid.

Almaz Hybrid can accommodate 7 passengers on its bench in general.

Every seat has headrest that can be adjusted, and the center row of seats also features handrest.

Technical Information on the Wuling Almaz Hybrid

The specifications for the Almaz Hybrid, which theoretically have very different power sources, will be discussed next.

The hybrid vehicle really has a 2,000 cc fuel engine, compared to the petrol version’s 1,500 cc turbo combustion engine.

The machine uses the Atkinson Cycle system, which in theory puts fuel efficiency first despite having a larger capacity.

For hybrid autos, the usage of this type of machine is frequently preferred.

Almaz Wuling Machine

For the Wuling Almaz, there are now at least two different engine types available: a 1,500 cc turbo and a 2,000 cc hybrid.

The 1,500 cc turbo engine has a maximum output of 250 Nm of torque and 140 horsepower. The Almaz 1.5T and Almaz RS versions also offer this kind of engine.

There is a 6-speed manual or CVT transmission option for this powerplant.

Then there is the recently introduced model, the Almaz Hybrid, which offers a 2,000 cc hybrid engine option.

This device has a maximum output of 123 horsepower and a maximum torque of 168 Nm.

The Atkinson Cycle type machine is not used alone; a high-power electric motor is also present.

Wuling Almaz Price

The price for the highest type of Wuling Almaz is IDR 470,000,000, which applies to the hybrid model.

Before this model arrived, the Almaz RS Pro, which was priced at IDR 399,200,000, was the highest variant.

Review of Wuling Almaz Hybrid’s Affordable Price and Various Features

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