Wuling Air EV 2023 Specifications and Prices

Wuling Air EV 2023 Specifications and Prices

Wuling Air EV 2023 Specifications and Prices

Electric cars are now starting to be popular because they are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Apart from that, many car companies are currently interested in creating electric cars with attractive designs and sophisticated engines.

One of the electric cars with a low price and attractive design is the Wuling Air EV.

The specifications of the Wuling Air EV were in the spotlight when it became the first electric car sold by Wuling Motors in Indonesia.

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This car is offered in two variants, namely Standard Range and Long Range with a price range of IDR 238-311 million.

When compared with the prices of other electric cars such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Nissan Leaf, they are very different. Prices for these two cars start at IDR 700 million.

Even though the price is cheap, the Wuling Air EV still comes with a futuristic design concept and is equipped with contemporary features and specifications worthy of a daily car.

For those who are interested in buying a Wuling Air EV, you can already order it through a Wuling dealer or the official website.

Based on Wuling’s official website, the following is a price list for the latest Wuling Air EV 2023 On The Road (OTR) DKI Jakarta.

Air EV Standard Range IDR 238 million Air EV Long Range IDR 295 million Air EV Long Range with Charging Pile Rp. 311 million

here are five color options offered to prospective Air EV buyers, starting from pristine white, galaxy blue, peach pink, lemon yellow and avocado green.

Battery Specifications Wuling Air EV

All Air EV variants are equipped with Lithium Ferro-Phosphate batteries, but their capacities differ from each other.

For the Standard Range variant, the battery capacity is 17.3 kWh, while the Long Range is 26.7 kWh.

This difference makes the distance traveled for each Air EV variant different.

If the Standard Range variant has a mileage of 200 km, the Long Range records a distance of up to 300 km.

In addition, the Air EV’s battery power is channeled to an electric motor with a maximum power of 30 kW.

Wuling claims that this electric car is made with the Easy Home Charging concept, which means that charging can be done by plugging it into the house electricity.

Regarding the charging time for the Air EV battery, it takes about 8.5-11 hours with 2.0 kW of power to charge from 20-100 percent.

If you use 6.6 kW of power, the car’s battery charging time is only about 4 hours from 20-100 percent.

Please note, the Air EV battery passed 16 test models to further ensure the security and safety of every car user. The test models range from repeated rotations, fires, immersion in water, to vibrations at certain frequencies.

The battery was also dropped from a height of one meter, accelerated to 28G, and rolled over like a toppled car. The results of this test are that the Air EV battery components can still work normally.

Not only that, the battery is also tested with combustion and high temperatures.

As a result, this battery does not explode. Even when immersed in water, the Air EV battery also does not leak, so it is given an IP67 certification.

Thus, Wuling Air EV is safe to drive on flooded streets

If you look at it as a whole, the outer appearance of the Air EV does seem futuristic and modern even though the price is relatively cheap compared to other electric cars in Indonesia.

Dimensions In terms of dimensions,

the Air EV is 2,974 mm long, 1,505 mm wide, 1,631 mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2,010 mm.

Body Design

The exterior of the Air EV uses a ‘futuristic tech’ concept so that the electric car looks like a car from the future.

This can be seen from the front which is equipped with Extended Horizon LED along with a blue accent that runs from the left to right rearview mirror on the Long Range variant.

For the Standard Range variant, the lines have been replaced with chrome accents.

Not only that, the turn signals embedded in the Air EV’s side mirrors also rely on LEDs.

In the lower variant of this car, the front and rear lights use halogen bulbs, while the upper variant uses LEDs.

Even though it’s still halogen, the lights can emit bright lighting when the car is driven at night.

Not to forget, the distinctive Wuling logo is also pinned on the front which is silver in color and will light up when the Air EV is active.

On the underside of the car, there are 12-inch rims with 145/70 tires. The design of the rear of this car itself looks the same as the front.

However, the design seems more boxy for the back, while the front seems more rounded.

Meanwhile, the Air EV relies on rear-wheel drive with the battery positioned slightly lower, which allows the car to drive stably on the road.

Interior of Wuling Air EV

No less than the exterior, the interior of the Wuling Air EV also looks modern even though it has a simple design.

Cab Configuration

Even though it’s small, Air EV can accommodate up to four people with a 50:50 arrangement for the second row of seats.

Entertainment Features

Air EV has been embedded with a variety of reliable entertainment features.

There is a 10.25 inch Integrated Floating Widescreen head unit on the dashboard specifically for the Long Range variant which makes the appearance of the Air EV even more modern.

There is also AM/FM Radio, USB, and Bluetooth also embedded in this car.

Not to forget, the Air EV head unit is also equipped with internet connectivity so that driving with the Air EV feels more enjoyable for the driver and passengers.

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