Tips For Treating Stomach Ulcers With Natural Ingredients

Tips For Treating Stomach Ulcers With Natural Ingredients

Tips For Treating Stomach Ulcers With Natural Ingredients

Apart from medical treatment, stomach ulcers can also be treated using natural ingredients. As long as you consume it correctly and regularly, you will get maximum results.

The main factors causing stomach ulcers are:

1. irregular eating patterns

2. Food intake that is not suitable for body condition

3. Lack of rest (irregular sleep)

4. Stress

The above could be one of the factors causing you to get stomach ulcers. So from now on, get into the habit of living a healthy life by eating regularly with balanced nutrition and getting enough rest.

One of the things that most of us don’t realize is that if you don’t handle stress properly, it can trigger stomach ulcers.

If stomach ulcers are still at a mild stage, you can start by consistently improving all of the things mentioned above.

But if your stomach ulcer is in the chronic category, you should immediately consult a doctor to get medical treatment. The following are natural ingredients that can cure stomach ulcers:


This spice, with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant content, can provide a multitude of health benefits. As a fast wound healer, alleviating rheumatic symptoms, facilitating digestion, as a medicine for tonsils, and as a solution for slowing the growth and spread of cancer cells, turmeric’s effects are extraordinary.

There are various compounds in turmeric that are good for treatment, such as bisdesmetoxycurcumin, desmetoxycurcumin, and curcumin. There is an easy concoction with turmeric as the main ingredient that is worth practicing at home.

The method: Just take 2 turmeric rhizomes. Wash and clean it first before grating it. Add enough water to mix the grated turmeric. Stir it; only then can you drink the concoction. In order to get the best results, whether to eliminate or simply reduce stomach ulcer problems, this concoction can be consumed twice a day.


Curcuma has many beneficial ingredients for body health and is believed to be able to treat various diseases, one of which can be used as a medicine for stomach aches when stomach ulcers recur.

It is known that the rhizome contains many good chemical compounds, including essential oils, which are believed to increase bile production and suppress swollen tissue.

There is another thing called curcuminoid, which is divided into two, namely curcumin and desmetoxycurcumin. Curcumin itself is anti-bile poisoning, or what we call anti-hypotoxic, as well as anti-inflammatory.

Toxins in the body will be neutralized by curcumin and desmetoxycurcumin, and apart from that, bile secretion will also increase and cholesterol can decrease. To cure stomach ulcers, there are several recipes you can try, and the main ingredient is curcuma.

Method 1:

Just prepare one curcuma rhizome. To make it, slice the ginger thinly. Let it air for a while, then boil it in 7 glasses of water until the water boils. Strain it to make it easier to drink. Drink one glass every day.

Method 2:

Take the curcuma and slice it into 7 pieces. Next, boil it with approximately 3 glasses of water, bringing it to 1 glass. It doesn’t matter if you want to boil a lot because you can immediately increase the size. Drink 1 to 2 glasses a day, depending on your needs. Even when the ulcer feels better, it is no problem to continue drinking it often because it has many benefits for our body’s health.

Garlic Boy

Make no mistake, what you need to consume to treat ulcers is male garlic, namely garlic that is small in shape and not clustered differently from what we usually encounter.

If stomach ulcers have been treated with prescription ulcer medication, have healed, and then recur again, you can look at this easy traditional medicine. The method is: Take a man’s garlic that is as big as your index fingernail.

Then, chew on it. Just do it three times a day, regularly, until the ulcer heals. Maybe after consuming it for just a few days, the ulcer will feel better, but don’t get carried away yet. Continue using the garlic until it is completely healed.


Soybeans are also known to act as antioxidants because they are rich in organic compounds that can improve body health. The fiber contained in soybeans can help improve the digestive system by stimulating peristaltic movements so that food can pass smoothly through the intestines, driven by contracting smooth muscles.

The fiber and antibacterial content of soybeans can make our intestines and digestion healthy. It turns out that stomach problems can be overcome by consuming soybean concoctions. How to make an ulcer medicine concoction with soybeans is as follows:

  • Take only as many soybeans as necessary.
  •  Soybeans that have been prepared can be roasted, and there is no need to use oil.
  • Mash until smooth.
  • After grinding it, brew it using hot water and drink it when the brewing water turns warm.
  • Make this concoction three times a day and regularly for several weeks.
  • If you want to prevent stomach ulcers, please make and drink the concoction only once a day.

Guava Leaves

Almost everyone must have a guava plant. Guava itself is believed by many Indonesians to be able to improve health, but the leaves themselves are apparently very good for health.

Apart from their good benefits for treating diarrhea problems that occur in children, guava leaves are highly recommended for those who are struggling with stomach ulcers and bloating.

Even though initially we might be interested in planting it in the yard just to beautify the garden, now we can use these leaves for any health needs. The method is:

Just prepare 8 guava leaves. Clean it first. Add 1.5 liters of water, then boil. After boiling, don’t forget to filter it. After filtering, drink while warm. For natural ulcer healing without side effects, consume guava leaf concoction water three times a day.


Avocados have good substances in them, so they are very good to consume to maintain health, such as oleic acid, which acts as an antioxidant. Avocados are also included in foods that contain B6, which is very good for the body.

Apart from that, there is oleic acid, which can be used to ward off free radicals, and it also contains iron, which is good for anemia; potassium, which is able to control blood pressure; crotenoids, which are good for improving healthy eye function; and vitamins E and A, which are often relied on to protect the skin from signs of aging.

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