Tips for Dealing with Oily Skin with Natural Ingredients

Tips for Dealing with Oily Skin with Natural Ingredients
Tips for Dealing with Oily Skin with Natural Ingredients
Having a beautiful, healthy face free of skin problems is the dream of all women today.
For this reason, every woman tries to maintain and care for her face in various ways, both through beauty treatments and naturally.
Healthy facial skin is facial skin that is clean and healthy, neither dry nor excessively oily.
An oily face certainly disturbs your appearance and makes you uncomfortable and less confident. Because an oily face makes the makeup you use easy to smudge and fall apart,
If it is not resolved, acne problems will arise. However, there are also those who believe that people with oily skin tend to look more youthful than those with dry skin.
Causes of oily skin:

1. Choose the wrong beauty product.

2. Hormonal changes


4. Descendants

5. Consuming excessively fatty foods


Once you know the causes of oily skin, you should start now to try to avoid the causes of oily skin and start taking care of your face to reduce the oil on your face. You can take care of your facial skin in various ways so that it is healthy. You can use beauty products or natural ingredients.

Here are some easy-to-find natural ingredients that can help reduce oil on the face for a healthy complexion.


There is no doubt about the benefits of lime for health and beauty. The sour taste of lime can reduce oil on the face.

Apart from that, the vitamin C content is useful for making the skin brighter. However, for those of you with sensitive skin, using a lime mask can cause itching or even stinging.

Especially if your facial condition is irritated and has acne, but over time the itching disappears if you get used to it.

The method:

Prepare one lime, cut the lime into two parts, and squeeze into a container. Use cotton to apply the lime mask to your facial skin, leave it for 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Egg whites

A natural ingredient that can help remove facial oil naturally and permanently is egg white. Apart from that, egg whites are also useful for quickly removing blackheads on the face.

The method

Separate the egg yolk and white, then just take the white, beat the egg until foamy, and immediately make a mask.

Then wait approximately 25–30 minutes, then rinse using warm water. For best results, use free-range chicken eggs. Do this regularly to produce maximum results.


Cucumber, or cucumber, is a fruit that contains a lot of water. This content has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in natural minerals, which are good for skin health.

Regular treatment with a cucumber mask is very good for treating acne, preventing inflammation, removing oil from the face, and so on.

The method:

Prepare just enough fresh cucumber and puree the cucumber using a blender (without peeling it).

Once smooth, leave for a moment in the refrigerator, then apply the cucumber mask evenly all over the face. Leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


The lactic acid content in yogurt can reduce excess oil on the face. Apart from that, it can also help exfoliate dead skin and remove it.

The method:

Take 1 tablespoon of yogurt, then spread it evenly on your face while massaging gently. Leave it for 15 minutes or until it dries, then wash with water until clean and dry with a clean towel. Do it regularly to get maximum results.


The benefits of milk are not only for health; milk is also useful for moisturizing the face and can also reduce oil on the face.

Milk is rich in protein, isoflavones, AHA, and vitamin E, which are useful for protecting skin from damage from sunlight, tightening facial skin, and at the same time reducing excessive oil, which can trigger acne.

This milk mask is highly recommended for those of you who have oily facial skin.

The method:

Take 2 tablespoons of milk and add a little cinnamon powder. Mix the two ingredients in a bowl. Apply to the entire surface of the face and gently massage the face using circular movements.

It’s best if you do this before going to bed because after you apply and massage, you have to take it to bed and then wash your face when you wake up in the morning. And do this every day.


Apart from tasting delicious, avocados also contain antioxidants and beta-carotene, which are effective in dealing with free radicals so that the skin is protected from environmental influences.

This substance can also remove faint lines on the face and eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging. And there are many other compounds that are very healthy for the skin, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids.

In essence, all the compounds contained in avocados will make your skin healthy without making it oily anymore.

The method:

Choose a good, ripe avocado, then mash it until smooth. You can also add honey if you have it.

Then spread evenly on the face and neck, leave for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Do this regularly for maximum results.

Apple and honey

Apples contain anti-fat compounds, which are useful for helping get rid of oily faces. Using apples as a face mask does not cause pain or itching.

The method:

Provide 1 fresh apple and 3 tablespoons of honey, then puree the apple using a blender (without peeling it). Then mix in the honey, stir until evenly mixed, and then put the mask mixture into the refrigerator.

Once cool, apply the mask to your face and give it a gentle massage for 5 minutes. Then leave the mask mixture on your face for 25 minutes, then rinse with water.

Overcoming Oily Skin:

1. Clean your face of cosmetic residue every day, then wash your face every morning and evening before going to bed.

2. Choose cosmetics that suit your skin type and avoid excessive use of cosmetics.

3. Drink enough water every day.

4. Choose foods that are healthy and free of fat. Consume vegetables and fruit.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly.

6. Avoid stress.

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