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Review of the BMW i7 Specifications and Features

Review of the BMW i7 Specifications and Features In October 2022 the BMW i7 was officially unveiled in the United States. The cost of this high-end electric vehicle is 119,300 US dollars or roughly IDR 1.86 billion.However the cost will undoubtedly increase after you reach Indonesia. Because these high-end electric vehicles will be charged import duties and other related fees. Leading the luxury car market into a new era that will be molded by technological advancements in the areas of sustainability and digitization is BMW. Features TheBMW i7 electric vehicle has two electric motors that are each capable of producing a maximum torque of 745 Nm and a combined total of 536 horsepower. An automatic transmission transfers this electric motor’s power to the drive wheels (AWD). With this much power the BMW i7 can theoretically sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds with a peak speed cap of 239 km/h. This luxurious-looking electric automobile has a 105.7 kWh Lithium- Ion battery that is said to allow for a claimed 625 km of range (based on WLTP data). Ekterior Regarding the exterior appearance of the BMW i7 there is no need to doubt its aura of luxury. The combination of the grill bumper headlamps …

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