Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Specifications and Prices

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Specifications and Prices

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Specifications and Prices

In January 2023, the 5 door Suzuki Jimny is expected to go on sale.

Suzuki is a Japanese company that produces the Jimny off road vehicle

The Suzuki Jimny features five doors, and this version has completely updated it. The Suzuki Jimny door’s full list of specifications are listed below!

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Specifications


The 5-door Suzuki Jimny resembles the Mercedes-Benz G-Class premium SUV in the spy photo taken by Autocar India.

This car’s wheelbase is longer due to its form. There are two side doors and wheels with vintage styling.

In additionthe 5doorSuzuki Jimny has two side doors and is covered in black stickers, giving it similar appearance to the premium SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

This 5-door Jimny has a longer body than the 3-door Jimny, measuring 3,850 mm, with a 2,550 mm wheelbase. Its width is 1,645 mm and its height is 1,730 mm.

This car’s design is largely the same as that of the previous model. The grille design, which was originally vertical but is now horizontal, is the only thing that has changed.

There are a few other small details in the bumper design.


There are rumors that the 5-door Jimny’s interior will gain more opulent accents. In additionthere are extra doors for the back passengers to make entering and exiting simpler.

Additionally the Suzuki Jimny 5-door offers roomier cabin for the comfort of the passengers while driving.


The Suzuki Jimny door has K15B cylinder engine with 500cc displacement as its powertrain.

At 6,000 rpm, the machine has maximum power output of 102 PS. At 4,000 revs per minute, the torque reaches 130 Nm.

Another report is that the 5-door Suzuki Jimny will include turbocharger that will increase power.

4speedautomatic transmission and 5speedmanual transmission are also available for the Suzuki Jimny door.

Estimated price for Jimny 5 doors

5-door Jimny Long is expected to cost more than Jimny 3, on average.

For instance, the Jimny Sierra type costs around IDR 266.8 million.

This indicates that the 5door Jimny’s pricing is higher than that amount because it accounts for the variances in the vehicle.

Even though it is relatively pricey, car enthusiasts continue to be drawn to the Suzuki Jimny 5-door. This car has high and iconic collectible value in addition to its functionality.

For information’s sake, the Maruti Suzuki plant in Gurugram, India will be building the 5-door Suzuki Jimny.

The Suzuki Jimny with five doors is significantly larger than the one with only three.
The front and rear bumpers, grille, and wheel designs all have subtle cosmetic modifications. The wheel design is also significantly sportier.

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