Features and Specifications of the Tesla S Plaid

Features and Specifications of the Tesla S Plaid

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Features and Specifications of the Tesla S Plaid

Perhaps not many people are familiar with this American car brand, even though its models and features are no less than those of cars from other countries. This time, Tesla released a car called the Tesla S Plaid with five different colors, prices, and specifications.

Of course, there are many other competitors who try to show off their best cars every year. They always want to be at the forefront with the latest technology and quality. Like the Tesla S, this is a car with a very modern exterior appearance and an all-digital impression. Cars with minimalist designs are trending this year, with LED lights and minimalist bodies with slight variations. The Nissan Leaf is the best electric car that can compete with cars like the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Audi A6, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The car that is present is included in this type of hatchback and comes in two variants. Who doesn’t know the Nissan brand, with its high-class car standards, of course? There are currently 5 color choices, including pearl white, solid black, gray metallic, blue metallic, and red mica.

Following are the complete features and specifications of the Tesla S Plaid car:


The Tesla Model S Plaid is a 5-seat sedan. This car is available in five colors and automatic transmission options in Indonesia. Model S Plaid’s dimensions are 4978 mm L x 1850 mm W x 1443 mm H. Model S Plaid Specifications Seat Electricity: 5 Chairs Transmission Type: Electricity Automatic Battery Capacity: Electricity 100 kW

Type of Fuel Electric Propulsion: 1020 hp, acceleration: 2.0 s Maximum speed: 322 kmph; mileage: 560 km

machine details
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
Capacity: 100 kWh Battery
Voltage: 400 V Battery Weight: Cells and Modules: 8256 cells, 16 modules DC Charging: 20 min (Tesla Supercharger 250W)
Estimated Fast Charging Time: 20 minutes (Tesla Supercharger 250W) Estimated Regular Charging Time: 8 hours (Wall Charger) Electric Drive Type: Tri-phase AC induction motor


The Tesla S Plaid has advanced safety features, including:
Daytime Running Lights Anti-Lock Braking System Brake Assist EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) Vehicle stability control system Open Door Reminder Traction Control Crash Sensors Driver Air Bag, Front Passenger Airbag, Front Side Airbags Seat Belt Usage Reminder Rear seat belt Child safety locks Folding Center Mirror Parking Sensors Rear Camera Front Impact Protection Side Impact Protection Engine Check Warning Tire Pressure Gauge

Entertainment and Communication

1.USB socket
2. Bluetooth connection
3.AM/FM radio
4.Front speaker
5.Rear speakers
6. Steering wheel with multi-function buttons
7. 2DIN Audio
8.Voice Commands
9.Touch Screen


Tesla Model S has 13 exterior images, including Lower Front View, Side View, Front View, Headlights, Drivers Side Mirror Front Angle, Rims, Rear View, Front Side View, Medium Front View, Middle Rear View, Front Cross Side View, Branding, and View Right.


The Tesla Model S has 8 interior images, including the dashboard, steering wheel, tachometer, front seats, rear seats, courtesy lamps, front AC vents, and rear seat headrest.

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