Features and Specifications of the Mini Cooper SE

Features and Specifications of the Mini Cooper SE

Features and Specifications of the Mini Cooper SE

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This British car brand is always eagerly anticipated every time it launches its newest variant. This time, Mini Cooper is releasing a car for the Indonesian market, namely the Mini Cooper SE, with two different price variants and specifications. Of course, there are many other competitors who try to show off their best cars every year. They always want to be at the forefront of the latest technology and quality.

Like the Mini Cooper SE, this is a car with a very modern exterior appearance and an all-digital impression. Cars with minimalist and luxurious designs are trending this year, with LED lights and minimalist bodies with slight variations. The Mini Cooper SE is an electric car that can compete with cars such as the Citroen X C4, Mini Countryman, Honda Civic Type R, and Mini Clubman.

The car that is present is included in the hatchback type and comes in two variants. Who doesn’t know the Mini Cooper brand, with high-class car standards, of course? There are currently 4 color choices, including silver, black, green, and black-white.

Following are the complete features and specifications of the Mini Cooper SE car:


1. Transmission Type: Electricity Automatic

2. Seating Capacity: Electricity 4 Chairs

3. Battery Capacity Electricity: 32.6 kWh 

4. Energy Electricity: 181 hp


1. Fuel Type: Electric;

2. Energy: 181 hp;

3. Torque: 270 Nm;

4. Acceleration: 7.3 s;

5. Maximum Speed: 150 kmph;

6. Mileage: 234 km


The list of electric features includes a car alarm, an anti-theft device, power door locks, central locking, and an engine immobilizer in terms of security.

Comfort and convenience supporting features include AC, Automatic Climate Control, Heater, Power Outlet, Center Console Arm Rest, Bottle Holder, Cup Holder (front), Cup Holder (rear), Keyless Entry, Cruise Control, Front Power Window, and Automatic Head Lamps.

Entertainment and Communication

include a touch screen, front speakers, voice commands, Bluetooth connection, rear speakers, steering wheel with multi-function buttons, AM/FM radio, navigation system, and USB socket.


Model safety features include rear parking sensors, parking sensors, crash sensors, seat belt reminder, rear camera, emergency stop signal, front side airbags, front impact protection, engine check warning, curtain airbags, speed sensing door locks, driver airbags,

front seat belt with height adjuster, brake assist, anti-lock braking system, rear seat belt, folding center mirror, tire pressure gauge, front passenger airbag, side impact protection, EBD (electric brake distribution), and door open reminder.

Price (in Indonesia)

Variant Price
MINI Electric IDR
MINI Electric Resolute Edition IDR

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