7 Tips for Easily Treating Dry Skin Naturally

7 Tips for Easily Treating Dry Skin Naturally

7 Tips for Easily Treating Dry Skin Naturally

Everyone dreams of having clean and healthy skin. But getting healthy skin is, of course, not easy and requires routine care every day.

Because if you don’t take care of it, sometimes skin problems will arise that will bother you and make you feel self-conscious.

One of the skin problems that often occurs is dry skin. Skin health needs to be maintained properly. Not only from the outside, but the skin also needs nutrition to be healthy.

If the skin’s nutrition is not fulfilled and there is no skin care, it will cause your skin to become dry.

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Dry skin can appear scaly and cracked and also have an uneven skin tone. It will even feel rough to the touch.

Apart from that, dry facial skin can also affect your overall facial tone and ultimately result in your make-up not looking optimal.

To keep your skin healthy, moist, and not dry, there are many ways you can choose to treat your dry skin besides using moisturizer.

There are many kinds, one of which is made from natural ingredients.

The advantage of using natural ingredients is that the costs are lower and the risks are not as great as if you used chemical treatments that were not suitable for your skin condition.

Here are 7 steps to deal with dry skin naturally. With the following natural ingredients, your dry skin will disappear and return to being healthy and moisturized again:

1. Drink water

The water content in the human body is approximately 60% to 70%, so water is really needed by your body.

Another reason that can cause dry skin is because you don’t drink enough water. In fact, drinking enough water can fulfill your body’s fluid needs, thereby making your skin moist. Basically, our bodies consist of more than 70% fluid.

If the fluid in the body is below normal or lacking, it will cause the skin to become dry, scaly, cracked, and even worse.

To overcome this, you can increase your water consumption. Ideally, experts recommend that we consume a minimum of 2–3 liters of water a day.

For those of you who are not used to drinking lots of water, please divide it into several sessions.

2. Use moisturizer regularly and consistently.

The first thing you can do is use a moisturizer for your skin and face so that it doesn’t dry out easily. Use skin-moisturizing products that you like and that are definitely suitable for your skin. Try to apply it regularly to dry skin.

Do it regularly and consistently, every time your skin starts to feel dry. Keep facial moisturizer next to your bed so you remember to apply it every night before bed. Make this your routine.

If you have dry skin on your hands, always carry hand cream in your bag that you use frequently every day. Always apply after washing your hands. It’s even better to apply moisturizer when the skin is still slightly wet, such as after showering or washing your hands.

This will increase skin moisture. Choose a moisturizing product that suits your skin. Avoid those that smell too strong because they usually contain fragrances that actually make the skin dry quickly.

3. Avoid showering or washing your face too often.

One of the life habits that must be changed is the frequency and duration of bathing and washing your face. Bathing and washing your face too often can actually make your skin clean.

However, this can cause the natural oils in the skin to be lost, making it dry.

Make sure you shower every day, but do it sparingly, so don’t shower too often.

Apart from that, make sure that bathing does not take more than 10 minutes and does not take less than 5 minutes. This habit will help you deal with dry skin.

Also avoid applying steam to the skin and using water that is too hot. It’s best to use lukewarm water so that natural moisture is not removed from the skin. Water that is too hot will damage the protective fat layer on the skin.

For the same reason, avoid staying in the shower or bath for too long.

4. Exercise regularly.

Movement, especially exercise, is very good for our health and fitness. Nearly 50% of dry skin sufferers rarely exercise.

Sweat released when exercising is actually quite good for naturally moisturizing the skin, but few people know about it.

You don’t need to do heavy exercise. Just jogging, cycling, yoga, and a healthy walk every morning for at least 30 minutes will keep your skin and body healthy. You can prove it yourself.

5. Avoid excessive heat.

Our bodies need sunlight, but if you are exposed to direct sunlight too often, it will damage and dry your skin.
Even if you use a moisturizing lotion that can protect your skin from sunlight (sun block), you should avoid exposing your skin directly to excess heat for a long time.
Exposure to ultraviolet rays is very bad for the skin.Not only does it cause dry and scaly skin, but it can also cause skin cancer.
Therefore, every time you leave the house, wear protection such as a hat and jacket.

6. Healthy food

Fruit and vegetables are very useful for helping moisturize your facial skin, thereby preventing dry skin.
For this reason, you should routinely consume fruit and vegetables every day because fruit and vegetables contain a lot of nutritious fluids and nutrients that are very good for the skin.
Choose fruit and vegetables that have benefits for your body, especially your skin, such as grapes, broccoli, brown rice, avocado, various nuts and seeds, berries, etc.

7. Skin care

To deal with dry skin, regular care is also needed to provide maximum results. Many skin care products are offered today. There are several types of natural ingredients that can be used and are easily available to treat dry skin, for example:


Honey has been proven to be very good for moisturizing dry skin naturally. Apart from that, honey is also enriched with nutritional content that can increase skin firmness, so it is good enough for eliminating wrinkles.
There is no doubt about the benefits of lime for skin health. Apart from being useful for treating acne, lime functions to cleanse the skin so that it will look brighter.
To keep your skin healthy and not dry, use a mixture of mashed lime and avocado. Apply to dry skin, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.


Cucumbers contain substances that are good for skin health. That’s why many beauty products use cucumber as the main ingredient.
If you have dry skin, you don’t need to use expensive beauty products; just use the pulp from grated cucumber and apply it to your face or other dry skin areas.
Leave it to soak for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

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