7 Magical Benefits of Ice Cubes for Amazing Beauty Treatments

7 Magical Benefits of Ice Cubes for Amazing Beauty Treatments
7 Magical Benefits of Ice Cubes for Amazing Beauty Treatments
So far, we think that ice cubes are only a material that can be used to cool drinks. It turns out that there are many hidden benefits behind ice cubes that we don’t know about, especially for beauty treatments.
Many people, especially women, spend money to have a beautiful and youthful face. From treatment using skincare and specialist doctor care.
They hope to get maximum results by doing various kinds of beauty treatments.
Doing treatment is certainly fine, as long as you can choose beauty care products that are safe for your face.
Before buying a beauty care product, make sure that the product is registered and licensed by BPOM to ensure the safety of its contents.
But if you don’t have a special budget to buy beauty products, you can use natural ingredients that are easily available and affordable.
So, here are some of the benefits of ice cubes for beauty treatments that you need to know:

1. Overcoming Oily Face

You need to know that human skin has oil glands (sebum) which are useful for producing oil. The presence of oil on the skin is certainly not without function.
The use of this oil is useful for maintaining facial moisture. However, if oil production is excessive, this could become a problem. The pores will get bigger.

2. Removes acne scars

When acne starts to disappear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the acne scars will also disappear. These acne scars will cause black marks on your face, and this will certainly affect your appearance, right?
There are lots of products on the market that offer anti-skin blemishes, but of course these products are made from chemicals.
If you don’t want to take risks with these chemicals, you can use ice cubes to treat these acne scars.
How to use : The method is to regularly compress your face with ice cubes for 15 minutes. The effect you will get is that acne scars will fade and your facial skin will feel fresh

3. Prevents cold aging

In the previous point, it was explained that ice cubes can shrink facial skin pores. If the skin pores are smaller, the face looks smoother and firmer.
There are no wrinkles and dark spots that threaten the health of your face. The scariest sign of premature aging is the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and dull skin.
Even though we are still young, skin aging can still occur if we are not good at taking care of it. Hey, scary

4. Overcoming panda eyes

Who likes staying up late or often doesn’t get enough sleep? Surely panda eyes are a complaint you can’t shake off! Dark circles and eye bags will really disturb your appearance.
These two things arise due to lack of sleep, fatigue and stress. Don’t worry, ice cubes can help you overcome these two problems.
The dark color and eye bags that appear are a signal from your skin that it is experiencing stress.
Every organ in your body also feels stress, you know, when you have a lot on your mind The refreshing cold sensation of ice cubes can help you relax the area around your eyes.
If your skin cannot stand direct contact with ice cubes, you can wrap it in thick plastic or a thin towel. But first make sure the wrapping tool is clean, so as not to cause new problems on facial skin.

5. Overcoming Sunburn

During the day, the sun’s light feels very strong on the skin. It is also difficult for us to avoid it, because even if we are indoors, sunlight can enter through ventilation gaps and windows. So, did you know that UV rays from the midday sun can damage the skin?
Apart from causing dull skin, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the skin to burn or what is usually called sunburn. This condition is characterized by skin color that appears reddish and slightly darker. One way to treat sunburn is to use ice cubes.
After outdoor activities, let your skin sit for about 30 minutes. When your skin feels cold, you can wash it with water. Then compress with ice cubes.

6. Softens and brightens lips

Lips that look bright, supple and soft will certainly support the appearance of a woman. Lips that look dark occur due to several factors, such as sun exposure, smoking habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle. To help deal with dull lips, you can use ice cubes.
You do this by regularly rubbing ice cubes on your lips, slowly your lips will appear brighter, supple and softer.

7. Promotes Blood Circulation

Not only shrinking pores and reducing oil production, using ice cubes for the face can also improve blood circulation. This statement is written in several studies.
By using ice cubes as a facial, the blood flow will run smoothly so that the face looks healthier and radiant.
But remember, you have to use it correctly! Do not apply ice cubes directly to the skin. It’s best to wrap it in cloth. Apart from that, don’t overdo it. Just once every two days.
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