5 Best Electric car recommendations for Families Currently

5 Best Electric car recommendations for Families Currently

5 Best Electric car recommendations for Families Currently

Technology continues to develop to always create new things that are sophisticated and efficient one of which is a car.

Car companies are now increasingly concerned with technology and vehicles that are environmentally friendly and of course economical.

Environmentally friendly vehicles and environmentally friendly fuels are electric cars which are currently a trend.

Several large companies are improving their performance by launching electric cars which are known to be economical and environmentally friendly.

It’s no wonder that currently electric cars are increasingly in demand in the automotive market with a number of advantages they offer.

Apart from preserving the environment, advanced and cost-effective technology is its main attraction.

Here are some of the best electric car recommendations that are cost-effective and have cool models and are suitable for families that you can choose from.

1.  Wuling Air EV

For those looking for an electric car with the lowest price in Indonesia, the Wuling Air EV is the choice.

This tiny electric car is Wuling’s first electrified vehicle in the country. Even though it has small dimensions, the Wuling Air EV can accommodate four adults.

In appearance, the Wuling Air EV has a boxy and futuristic design. On the front and rear there are transverse LED DRLs.

Wuling Air EV has compact dimensions with a length of 2,974 mm, width 1,505 mm, height 1,631 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,010 mm.

Wuling Air EV is equipped with a 30 kW electric motor Electric power is distributed through a Single Reduction Gear transmission to the rear wheels.

This tiny electric car comes with two battery options, namely 17.3 kWh and 26.7 kWh.

The 17.3 kWh battery can cover a distance of 200 km, while the 26.7 kWh battery can reach 300 km.

The following is a list of variants and prices for the Wuling Air EV.

Air EV Standard Range = IDR 243,000,000 Air EV Long Range = IDR 299,500,00

  1. DFSK Gelora Electric

The passenger capacity of this car is very large, so the DFSK Gelora Electric is also suitable for traveling with family.

In addition to offering comfort and luxury, this car also prioritizes convenience and reliable capabilities.

DFSK Gelora Electric is supported by a fairly sophisticated rotary knob model transmission setting and uses sliding doors in it.

Not only that this electric car is also equipped with a reverse parking camera and an 8-inch touch screen head unit.

The price range for this electric car in Indonesia is IDR 450,000,000– IDR 550,000,000. Of course, this number is quite low when compared to the prices of other electric cars.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq 5

The SUV electric car is the most suitable type of car for family use, because the passenger capacity of this car is quite large.

This also applies to the Hyundai Ioniq 5, this car can carry 5 passengers at once.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 comes in 4 different types, namely signature standard range prime standard range, signature long range and prime long range.

If the signature standard range and prime standard range have a range of 384 km on a single charge, this is different from the other 2 types.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 with the long range signature type can cover a distance of up to 451 km, while the prime signature range can cover a distance of up to 481 km.

The price range for these cars will be differentiated according to their respective types, namely: Signature standard range: IDR 810,000,000.

Prime standard range: IDR 750,000,000. Signature long range: IDR 850,000,000. Prime long range: IDR 790,000,000.

  1. Toyota bZ4X

bZ4X is the first electric car sold by Toyota in Indonesia. This electric SUV comes with a new e-TNGA platform dedicated to electric cars.

The appearance of the bZ4X looks sporty with a firm line pull, as well as the “hammerhead shark-like design” front design.

The Toyota bZ4X is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 204 hp and a torque of 266 Nm.

Power from the electric motor is channeled to the front wheels and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.

The bZ4X electric motor is powered by a battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh which can make the car go up to 500 km on a single full charge.

Regarding safety features, the Toyota bZ4X is equipped with the TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) feature version 3.0.

TSS features on the bZ4X include Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist

Automatic High Beams, Lane Tracing Assist, Full-Speed ​​Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, to Road Sign Assist. The Toyota bZ4X is sold at IDR 1,190,000,000 (on the road DKI Jakarta).

5.  Lexus UX300e

One of the choices for Lexus electric-powered cars in Indonesia is the Lexus UX 300e. This car is the first Lexus car in the country to carry an electric engine.

In addition, Indonesia is the first country to sell the Lexus UX 300e in Southeast Asia. The Lexus UX 300e is equipped with an electric motor capable of producing 201 hp and 300 Nm of torque.

The electric motor is powered by a battery with a capacity of 54.35 kWh which can go up to 300 km on a single charge.

Regarding safety features, the Lexus UX300e is equipped with 8 SRS Airbags, Blind Spot Monitor and Panoramic Monitor.

Not only that, the Lexus Safety System + is also embedded to reduce the potential for accidents. In Indonesia, the Lexus UX300e is sold at IDR 1,245,000,000.

Overall, the trend of electric cars is increasingly stealing attention with increasingly affordable prices and increasingly sophisticated technology.

This eco-friendly vehicle option not only makes a positive contribution to the environment, but also offers a cost-effective mobility alternative in the long term.

With various attractive variants available on the market, consumers now have more choices to switch to electric-based vehicles.

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